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Tree green leaves mural

Hand painted Interior art on the wall by artists at home.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


We customize the mural to your taste and space

Would you like to change any color of the design of your mural? Do you want to add or remove an element or change its proportions?

No problem: We adapt the design of the mural so that you love it. Just tell us what you want to change when placing your order.

You decide to make a painting


Call or write to me.

We will meet and learn your wishes regarding the painting.

You send me sketch(photo) if you have it.

Wall Size( photos of walls in the interior)

We calculate the cost or roughly orient you at the price.

We go to your facility and specify measurements and specify all details.

Make several sketches.You approve it, make adjustments if necessary.

We call the final cost.


Additional information

Mural art

100€ m²IVA Inc.


Viktoriya Nasyrova


Acrylic painting

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