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In ancient times, bas-reliefs decorated museums and theaters, palaces and monuments, but today with the help of such a technique masters create paintings for everyone.Such decor and interior items clearly emphasize the individuality of the house, they can rightly be considered a great gift.

To create such works you will need: acrylic primer, gypsum putty, glossy varnish, acrylic paints, plastic frame or sheet of ordinary plywood, but also, of course, skill and talent.

Such bas-relief panels are specially created for a specific interior, and the high uniqueness makes each decor unique and original.

I did artistically transforms ordinary walls with mine detailed bas–relief work. I use a combination of carving

tools and hand building techniques to create decorative three-dimensional motifs such  flowers, birds,trees .  My nature-inspired scenes seem to integrate seamlessly with their surroundings, as if they’ve grown organically from the walls.

Thank you for your attention and visit. I appreciate your feedback and comments. I wish you luck and have a nice day!

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